Experience with DNAfit

DNAfit is a service that promises to provide all kinds of information about customers through genetic testing. I decided to use the service because I am interested in trying to be healthier and to lose weight. I expected to find out something interesting related to those things.

Because I had previously used the 23andMe genetic testing service I did not use DNAfit’s sequencing process. Rather I imported my 23andMe data into DNAfit. The data from 23andMe consisted of short snippets of my DNA. Because I had taken the 23andMe test years ago, my data was not as comprehensive as newer tests, but the data was still of use.

The analysis of my data resulted in two documents: the diet report and the nutrients report. The diet report gave some general recommendations about what and how to eat, and some information about how I respond to different foods. The nutrient report gave information about my micronutrient needs.

So, did I learn something interesting about myself? From the diet report I learned that my optimal diet type is “reduced fat”. The recommendation is that I should eat slightly less saturated fat than average. Also, my sensitivity to carbohydrates was lower, so I could have more carbohydrates in my diet. This seems like the old general low-fat recommendation. The diet report also had sections for detox, salt, alcohol, caffeine, lactose tolerance, coeliac predisposition.

The nutrients report contains recommendations on different vitamins and micronutrients. For example, I have a higher need for vitamins B6 and D. I also have a higher need for Omega 3. These recommendations seem quite general but are interesting.

It is interesting to see how these kinds of genetic testing services evolve in the future.

Link: dnafit.com

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