Thinking about Biotechnology: Biotech Positivity

How should we think about biotech? Is it an integral part of a positive future for humanity and the planet? Or is it a negative influence that will lead to our destruction?

Biotech evokes many kinds of questions. Positive: Will we be able to eradicate all diseases? Will we be able to feed the whole planet? Will we be able to combat climate change? Negative: Will our genetic code be used against us? Will genetic modification have unintended consequences? Will we be able to control the use of bioweapons?

These are important questions. And they are very real questions. They are not just about some utopian or dystopian sci-fi future. Biotech is currently actively changing the world. Scientists and companies are advancing what is possible. New products are coming to the market. Foods, medicines, materials. Genetic testing. Personalized nutrition and healthcare.

How much should we try to control this advancement? Should we let fear control us? Or optimism? At an individual level, we can all have our thoughts on biotech. We can believe in our religions and all kinds of fake news. Or we can maybe think about it as just another technology. It is not good or bad as it is. It is about what we do with it. As a society, we must come to terms with our differing opinions. We are all in this together.

I like the term “biotech positivity”. (Has anyone else used it before?) I like to think about all the good that biotech will bring. I believe that humans are resilient. If we make mistakes they will be corrected eventually. We should not be too fearful of trying new things. We have a great future ahead of us.

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